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hyperrealism immersive interactive media

Vader Entertainment is a full-service media and entertainment company, specializing in complete design and construction for interactive media in retail spaces using the latest hyper-reality immersive technology including augmented reality, virtual reality, hologram, media façade, and lighting works – you just have to imagine and turn the key. Our fully integrated service and product offerings provide the expertise and resources expected from a top tier development firm, but with the agility and responsiveness of a boutique business. We’ve been paving the road in new immersive media since the immergence of new technology and we are proud to have made our mark across Asia Pacific and beyond. Our significant portfolio of completed and on-going work speaks about our capabilities, and the strong partnerships we’ve developed with upstream and downstream technology and content providers speak even louder about our values. With a team of highly motivated professionals boasting decades of technology driven media industry experience you can be assured our expertise will guide your project to completion, on time, on budget and with an innovative response for every challenge.


Ideation, Design, Build, Operate. We do it all, and work with everyone from developers, property owners, key tenants to help their project extend beyond physical limitations.

Vader Entertainment offers the benefit of a broad range of services in creative media integration for retail spaces with a specialist’s eye for detail. We consult you at every step, maintain a consistent point of contact and always work with the end goal in mind – which is making your life, and your property enhancement solution, zero friction and stress free. Our portfolio boasts a diverse range of projects ranging from $200k to $5 million across retail spaces, hospitality spaces and other special tourist destinations including amusement parks, aquariums, outdoor natural parks and more. Vader Entertainment has demonstrated successful delivery of hyper-realism experiences including augmented reality guide, virtual reality games, media façade, hyper-realism hologram shows, media façade, immersive light-shows and permanent space showcasing all its media attractions. We work with developers, owner/occupiers, investors and local and state Government departments to fill, create and manage spaces to help extend beyond physical limitation. With a trail of success stories in most challenging projects, we are ready to take on the most daring projects, always aiming for the world’s first title and bring uniqueness to all of its engagement outcomes.

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Vader Entertainment enhances and extends spaces where people play, eat, rest, and travel. With a deep understanding of millennial culture and lifestyle, we can both create and source to implement tailored interactive digital media solution including contents and equipment to induce unique wow factor to client’s properties and have immediate impact on foot-traffic increase and revenue gains. We are always working to deliver reliable and increasing returns for our clients, with our return on investment rates matched to the investments risk profile. We also work closely with our clients to provide absolute transparency on risk, reward and progress throughout the entire project – from comprehensive CAPEX and operating cost analysis, monetization model and competitive pricing strategy development to managed service to ensure return on investment.


We want you to have a seamless experience when working with us. We can work on every stage of the property’s life-cycle from design inception to renovation. We are budget conscious and always provide a comprehensive feasibility studies along with concept design to make sure our client has full understanding on the every step of the journey.

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