• We take the time to explain the entire process in detail and provide you with information on timelines, estimated budgets, the design process and sample outputs


  • We want to completely understand your vision and bring it to life. We will work with you to prepare a detailed project brief for our Designer who will draft your ideation on a canvas


  • Based off the brief we will provide a preliminary plan with indicative pricing to ensure we are tracking inside your budget and meeting your objectives. Changes in scope are all easily implemented at this stage.


  • An Agreement with fixed project scope will be prepared to secure the fixed price and allow you to finalize board approval and financing matters.


  • The Client, Producer and Designer collaborate, review and adjust the design so that it is flawless. Multiple design options are available. Our designer will prepare an interactive, 3D computer generated image on top of your premises that lets you explore every aspect.


  • Producer will guide you through the selection process to make sure it is simple and stress free. We often encourage to establish KOL committee to help evaluate each design option.  This should be an exciting and enjoyable time and we encourage you to take your time.


  • Once the implementation process commences we remain flexible so that you are able to alter and amend the design as you see it unfold. Any variations in price during this process (up or down) will be explained and documented in full.


  • Once you’re completely satisfied with the out put implemented on the site., we provide operational training to your staffs. Managed service is also available as an option when Client is seeking to outsource.
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