VADER is led by the most reputable professionals in digital interactive media and FEC sector with 20+ years of experiences in their field of work

Harrison Lee

Harrison has had an illustrious and prosperous career having held various key executive management positions for global management consultancies and investment advisory firms.  A veteran in media, high-tech and financial industry for 20 years, he has left an indelible mark on the companies he’s aided by formulating go-to-market strategy and leading the execution for successful penetration into the Asia-Pacific region.  Harrison led GPC Holdings to acquire and incubate numerous businesses in electric vehicle, bio-tech, F&B, and e-commerce sectors as its Group CFO.  Prior to that, Harrison has served as the Partner at SiG Partners and Atheneum and as the engagement manager at IBM BCS and PWC.  Mr. Lee holds bachelor’s degrees in Economics and East Asian Language and Civilization from University of Chicago.

Yeong Jin Seo

Mr. Seo has had an illustrious career as an executive of global talent agencies and movie production studios in the US, China, and Korea.  During his early days in Beijing, Mr. Seo worked at Golden Sun Film Distribution Ltd. and led the successful distribution of six motion pictures including Painted Skin, A Chinese Ghost Story, Speed scandals, and Agent.  Later he moved to the US and joined Paradigm Talent Agency as a project package assistant and participated in five movie productions including Safe, Six Bullets, and Lone Survivor,.  He also served as an executive at Volcanic Stone Film and Television Culture Company in Beijing to lead collaboration with ShowBox Korea to distribute The Thieves.  He also served as the Chief Producer of Zenith Media and responsible for global content sourcing and in-house content production.  Presently, Mr. Seo serves as VP of Global Strategy for Lumenas Studio where he led the production of The Legend of Santa Claus and Crypted.


Jey Hicks

Jey is a highly acclaimed and BAFTA award winning content creator with passion for VR/AR technology.  From early on his career, his games caught the attention of one of the top game development studios at the time; Crytek.  It was at Crytek where he really honed his design skills working with some of the top talent in the industry.  At Crytek he worked on several AAA games and even played a part in designing the key technology that is now the standard across the major game and 3D graphic engines.  Upon finishing development of ‘Crysis 2’, Jey took up a new role at The Creative Assembly, where he played a pivotal part in the development of the critically acclaimed ‘Alien Isolation’.  Not only did he design and build over 40 major features, but he also designed the toolset / visual programing language used to build the game.  After Creative Assembly he went on to work as the director on Assassins Creed Syndicate working for Ubisoft.  Since then he spent some time lecturing at a top university in the Netherlands.

Senior VP
Justin Yang

Justin is a co-founder of Vader Entertainment. Before the establishment of Vader, he has worked at Starsia from April 2015 to 2017, as a internal auditor/corporate consultant. Furthermore, Justin has worked at Industrial & Commercial properties Development Team in Bayleys International as a Commercial Division Manager for nearly 4 years (2007-2010). Thus, he had also served working at Jungwoo Corporation as a Business Development Director for 5 Years (2010-2015). Justin is well seasoned expert with various experiences in liaising global investments, business development, Franchising, Corporate Internal / External Management, Internal Audit and Risk consulting.


Head of FEC
Ho-Chul Hong

Mr. Hong is a highly regarded producer who received the award from the Minister of Culture as the best expert in the field of digital content production and space planning for the theme park. After joining Nara Digital Entertainment, he served as a CG supervisor for more than 100 animations as an art director. Since then, he has served as Executive Director of Taewon Entertainment, managing the Marvel theme park master plan media division, and managing the 3D attraction video playground. In addition, he has been the head of the business division of Etribe and Papaya Productions as the New Business Division. He has also been involved in the Dongdaemun FantaPlay, Fanta VR, Larva Hologram Musical Performance Project, Master Plan of the Hyangyang Expo-Hologram Theme Pavilion, KOCCA London Hallyu Fair which he was able direct the project successfully.

Duncan Kim

In the last 14 years of Duncan’s experience in business practice, he was able to lead some of the major global projects for Samsung Group, Sk Group and Hyundai Commercials in Korea, Taiwan and Singapore as a business strategist. Duncan has also contributed with liasing global investments and planned concerts for Holotive global company’s Sentosa hologram. Afterwards, he moved on with the planning to publish Taiwanese game ‘Special Force’ throughout Cosmos distribution channels, and executed marketing & strategic alliance with  corporate partners, promotional plans as the chief project manager for FantaVR (Dongdaemun) and FantaPlay (Bucheon) brand in Korea.

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